Contracting Officer

UI Operations Manual Contracting Guidelines

Contract Signing Process

The contract process involves the following:

  • Prepare the contract for signature by the University Business Manager, David W. Kieft.
  • Attach a memorandum which includes:
  1. a brief description of the content of the contract
  2. source of funds (if funds involved)
  3. explanation of how vendor was chosen (i.e. bidding, long-term relationship, renewal, etc.)
  4. any prior approvals (ie: Department Chair, Dean, Administrator)
  5. name, address and phone number of person in department to contact if questions arise about the content of the contract
  6. name and address of responsible party to return signed contract to.
  • Send the contract via campus mail to the Business Manager, 301 USB.

Contracts will be routed in a timely manner and returned to the department promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)